Edu science is brand of Halley Medical Supplies Ltd. , UK focused on the educational didactic products developed to cater the schools need for physics, Chemistry and biology laboratory equipment. All the products being made according to the international European standard and safety regulations for the students and teacher use
Max Advance Software
MAX-ADVANCE software with technology include latest Windows CE operation system ,Windows Media player ,Internet explorer ,TextMaker ,Presentation look like power point graphic Scientific calculator ,wordPad all of this in additional to the specialized developed Data collection and analysis program.
Software Features
Autolog: Use this for continuous logging where sample time and duration are not important.
Logging settings: Choose duration of activity, sample time, plus graph titles etc.
Snapshot: use for taking individual readings when time is not a variable. A unique feature of Snapshot is the ability to label each measurement individually.
Timing settings: for use with light gates for recording timing in dynamics experiments. Pre-set options makes this a simple task for pupils.
Repeat: Carry out a repeat of the same experiment and average the results.
Work in progress: Allows experiments to be saved as files and then sent to other users - who can then open the file, click Repeat and add further data series.
Display options: There are a range of display options such as full screen and large digital display.
Graph formatting toolbar provides all you need to manipulate your graphs.