Edu science is brand of Halley Medical Supplies Ltd. , UK focused on the educational didactic products developed to cater the schools need for physics, Chemistry and biology laboratory equipment. All the products being made according to the international European standard and safety regulations for the students and teacher use
Max Advance sensors
We have more than 55 Different sensors and more under developments …..
Accelerometer 5G KDS-1014      
Barometer KDS-S1016 Range: 0 to +2068 hPa (mbar) Resolution: 0.6 hPa   CO2 Gas Sensor KDS-1020
Colorimeter KDS-1044     Conductivity Sensor KDS-1038
Current Sensor KDS-1010 Range: DC ±1.0 A Resolution: ±6.0 mA   Current Sensor KDS-1010E Range: AC/DC ±10.0 A Resolution: ±6.0 mA <
ECG Sensors KDS- N   Force Sensor KDS-1029 Range: ±10N and ±80N Electrical strain gauge
Galavanometer KDS-101   Gas Pressure Sensor - A KDS-1032 Range: -1000 to +3000 hPa (mbar) Resolution: ± 1.2 hPa
Heart Rate Sensor KDS-1046   Relative Humidity Sensor KDS-1008 Range: 0 to 100% Resolution: ±0.4% Accuracy: ±2% at 25ºC
Light Gate XLS1023   Light Sensor KDS-1033 Range: 0 - 15,000 Lux
Magnetic Field Sensor I KDS-1007 Range: -50 to +50 G Linear Hall Effect Sensor      
Microphone KDS-1012 Range: 20 - 20,000 Hz   Motion Detector KDS-1042 Range: 0.4 - 6.0 m Resolution: ± 1.5 mm Beam: cone, ~15º
ORP (Oxidation - Reduction Sensor) KDS-1039 ORP Range: -450mV to +1100mV   Oxygen (Dissolved) Sensor KDS-1047
Oxygen Gas Sensor KDS-1047 Range: 0 - 100% Oxygen   pH Sensor KDS1005 Range: 0 - 14 Resolution: ±0.006
Sound Sensor KDS-1013   Stethoscope KDS1057
Stainless Steel Temperature Sensor KDS-1001 Range: -25ºC to 125ºC Resolution: ±0.1ºC   Thermocouple Rang : -200 to1200 ºC Resolution: ±0.6ºC
Turbidity Sensor KDS-1017 Range: 0-200 NTU Accuracy: ±2NTU under 25NTU, ±5% over 25NTU   Voltage Sensor KDS-1009 Range: ± 12.0 V Resolution: ± 3.1 mV