Edu science is brand of Halley Medical Supplies Ltd. , UK focused on the educational didactic products developed to cater the schools need for physics, Chemistry and biology laboratory equipment. All the products being made according to the international European standard and safety regulations for the students and teacher use
MAX-ADVANCE with Sciencecube technology has been developed by HMS GROUP added much more features to the second generation of MAX ADVANCE.
It is now similar to application of PC environment because it is preinstalled with the newest Windows CE platform. Besides, it installed new applications software to perform science experimental based on various user's requirements.
The new added wireless sensors connectivity’s added great value to perform much more interesting experiments.
Technical Features :
Screen 7 inch TFT LCD screen 800X480 PXL . 65,000 Colors
Sensor input port 4channels at the same time
Sampling time Real time mode 0.05sec/3 channels
Real time mode 0.005sec/1 channel
High-speed mode 0.00001 sec / 1 channel
Resolution 12 bit A/D
Digital input & output 1 channel
Sensor connectivity USB Cable and one wireless channel Via Bluetooth
Memory 1MB
Communication Port 1MB
Automatically identify sensors
Plug & Play system Automatic Firmware upgrade
Estimate with Digital Strobo timing